The Best Casino Bonuses in the Arab World

With the development of online casinos, gambling has become a popular pastime even in the Arab countries. 

Unlike land-based casinos, you can indulge in this hobby in the comfort of your own home and in complete anonymity, but above all: online casinos offer very generous bonuses!

In this article, I give you an overview of the casino promotions: 

  • The different types of bonuses
  • Withdrawal conditions 
  • The best arabic casino for promotion

The best casino bonuses in the Arab world

Ranking Casino Bonus Games Payment Solution Play
1 € 2,200 1, 000 + 1-3 days Play Now
2 € 2,200 1, 000 + 1-3 days Play Now
3 € 2,200 1, 000 + 1-3 days Play Now
4 € 2,200 1, 000 + 1-3 days Play Now
5 € 2,200 1, 000 + 1-3 days Play Now
6 € 2,200 1, 000 + 1-3 days Play Now
7 € 2,200 1, 000 + 1-3 days Play Now
8 € 2,200 1, 000 + 1-3 days Play Now

The different types of bonuses

This is an important point: there are many types of bonuses and each works in a different way. Learn to recognize them, in order to enjoy them under the best conditions!

Bonuses are almost always subject to withdrawal conditions: a chapter is devoted to them at the bottom of this article.

Welcome bonus

We start with the most obvious. The welcome bonus is often the most generous gift from the online casino.Its role is to attract the player to create an account on the site. 

This bonus can only be received once, on the new player's first deposit. 

This is most often offered as a deposit bonus and free spins. 

The welcome bonus can also be split into two, three or four different deposits.

In this case, the bonus conditions of the first deposit must be completed before triggering the following ones.

You often need to unlock a certain amount of wagering before being able to withdraw the win from the bonus.

Deposit Bonus

This is one of the most common bonuses and is expressed as a percentage. 

This is an amount of play money that the casino adds to your first deposit. 

It is often limited by: the higher the limit, the more interesting the promotion.

Example : 

The casino offers you a deposit bonus of 100% up to $1000.

This means that if you deposit $300 into your casino account, the casino adds 100% out of pocket, so you can play 300 + 300: $600.

The limit in this example is $1000.

The deposit bonus varies according to the casinos: 50%, 100%, 125%, 150%, etc.

No deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus works like the previous bonus, but the player does not even need to use real money! 


This offer is mostly limited for withdrawals: up to $100 for example. But the winnings are completely free because you do not need to bet your personal money to enjoy them!


This bonus is very popular, but rather rare.

Free Spins

This is also a bonus which is very appreciated by the Arab players. 

Free spins are often associated with a welcome bonus, but they can also be found as VIP gifts, weekly promotions or tournament rewards. 

As its name suggests, the free spin allows you to start a round of play (most of the time on slot machines) without committing your personal money.

It is common for Free Spins to be limited to slots selected by the casino. 

The Free Spin is a very good way to discover new slot machines.

Cashback and Rakeback

Cashback is the reimbursement of a part of the winnings that gamblers have played. 

This is a bonus that is regularly found in loyalty programs, because you have to play often on the online platform to get the best benefits. 

There are several ways to calculate this refund: 

In general, cashback can be claimed once a week. 

  • On losses: this is cashback.
  • On all the deposits of the week: this is called Rakeback.

For example: a 10% cashback allows the player to recover 10% of his losing moves from the previous week. 

Of course, a Rakeback calculated on all deposits - and not just losses - is much more interesting… and rare.

VIP bonus and loyalty program

Once their welcome bonus is over, players can go elsewhere. For the casino, it is therefore important to retain them. 

This is the role of loyalty programs and the VIP offers.

A VIP program is granted to regular players and it is divided into several statuses. Each time gamblers level up, the list of perks increases. 

The way to obtain a VIP rank is not always specified. 

Sometimes it is the casino that decides on its own whether a player can enter the VIP club. 

In this case, the player is notified by email of his new status.

There are also point systems: for example $5 played earns you 1 VIP point. Personally, I prefer this method, which is clearer for the player.

The standard VIP bonuses are: 

  • Higher deposit and withdrawal limits
  • A VIP account manager, who prioritizes your questions and problems
  • Cashbacks or progressive Rakebacks 
  • Free Spins 
  • Cash bonuses
  • Gifts and promotions
  • Private tournaments

Not all casinos offer the same VIP bonuses. This is part of the selection criteria when looking for a good casino in North Africa and arabic countries

Bonus conditions

We have reviewed the special offers that online casinos can offer you but now let's talk about the bonus conditions.

Bonuses are an attractive gift, but are subject to withdrawal requirements. This is a very important point, because if the player does not respect these conditions, the bonus can be canceled!

The Wager

The most common bonus condition is the Wager, which is an obligation to play the entire deposit + bonus before you can withdraw your winnings. 

The average Wager is x40. 

Example: a 100% bonus whose wager is x30.

You deposit $50. Thanks to the 100% bonus, you can bet $100.

Attention: the wager may vary from one bonus to another, or even from one deposit to another (in the case of a welcome bonus for example). 

100 x 30 : 3 000 $.

Attention : le wager peut varier d’un bonus à l’autre, voire même d’un dépôt à l’autre (dans le cas des bonus de bienvenue par exemple).

Minimum and maximum bets

Bonuses are always tied to minimum and maximum bets. Be careful to respect them! 

For example, the player may be limited to $9 per bet on a game of Poker, Blackjack, or a bet on a Roulette.

This also works for slot machines, with a maximum or minimum amount on each spin.

The time limit

The bonus is also often limited in time. 

For example, 100 free spins that must be played within the week.

General conditions

Bonuses are always linked to a single player account.

This means that only one person per household (per IP) can benefit from this bonus. 

It also cannot be traded with another player.


To bet safely, the casino must explain these conditions clearly. 

The information should be either on the bonus or in a special chapter on the website (often at the bottom of the home page “bonus terms”).

Bonuses without conditions or No-wager Bonuses

The good news is that some very generous casinos offer bonuses with no withdrawal conditions. 

They are called Casinos without Wager or No Wager.

With these gaming platforms, there are no calculations to do: you get the bonus, and if you win, you can withdraw your winnings right away! 

There are different casinos that offer bonuses without wager (for the welcome bonus for example) but with wager for weekly bonuses.

Read the game conditions carefully so as not to make any mistakes.

How to choose an Arabic casino that gives the best bonuses?

You have understood by now that for new players, the world of bonuses is not so simple. 

But here too, specialized sites like are your friends, as these casino comparisons are managed by gambling experts, and they can offer the best Arabic casinos when it comes to bonuses.

Here are some expert tips for choosing the best casino bonuses: 

How to choose a good bonus in an arabic casino: 

  • Look for wager-free bonuses first
  • Regular bonuses are better than one big welcome bonus
  • Prefer a Rakeback more than Cashback
  • Check out the special VIP offers and how to get them
  • Pay attention to time limits 
  • Always read the conditions of each bonus carefully
  • If in doubt, contact customer service for clarification

In my game guides, I also offer you a summary of the bonuses and their conditions. 

Here is my selection of the best casinos in North Africa regarding bonuses:

Best Casino bonus by Country

FAQs - The best bonuses in Arabic casinos

Yes. The casino grants the same bonuses whether you are on a desktop computer, smartphone or tablet.

Yes, of course. Bonuses are tied to casinos, not the player's country of origin. 

If you can register at an online casino and do your financial transactions, you can take advantage of casino bonuses like everyone else.

Loyalty or Loyalty Points are a system to prove player loyalty.

They accumulate with each deposit and allow access to the VIP Club and its advantages.

In some casinos, they also allow you to buy promotions in online shops.

The High Rollers are the players who bet big on the casinos. Of course, the platforms appreciate them and sometimes offer them special bonuses.

These are often welcome bonuses with very high percentages and ceilings.

Nothing prevents you from withdrawing your winnings before a Wager closes, but that does end the bonus and all its benefits which is rarely interesting. 

So, before the end of the bonus, it is better to respect all the conditions of the casino.

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